Open Source

Bridge to Japan Corporation has a number of FOSS projects that it develops to help the convention community. You can check out a list of our projects on GitLab. We welcome all new contributors, regardless of experience!

Licensing Instructions:

  1. All of our projects are licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL-3.0+), version 3 or later. We are dedicated to the rights of our users, and want to ensure our software is free for everybody to use, inspect, and redistribute. We do not offer a commercial license option at this time.
  2. In order to resolve licensing issues more easily, we require that all contributors sign a Contributor Assignment Agreement (CAA, sometimes called a CLA). This assigns us the copyright to contributions to our projects, with the guarantee that they will always be licensed under the AGPL-3.0+. See below for more details.
  3. If you are an individual contributor and own the copyright to your contributions, fill out the Individual CAA below. If you do not own the copyright, such as if you have a copyright agreement with your employer or if you are performing a work for hire, have an authorized representative from your employer submit the Entity CAA below.
  4. Send us the agreement by mail to, or by fax to (917) 633-4436.
CLA Corporate
CLA Individual